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Meet our team


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Miki Mitrovich

Executive Advisor winsedswiss Serbia

Miki Mitrovich partners with her clients to create a method which enables businesses to develop, adopt, and embrace a customer-driven culture centered around being the best that they can be. Miki firmly believes in aligning service delivery with leadership's desired outcomes. She drives results using the combination of skills development and coaching to optimize customer acquisition, reduce churn, and position service as a competitive advantage. 

Miki’s philosophy is simple: customer-centric clarity, alignment, and execution yield astounding results.   

Prior to joining the winsedswiss team, Miki was an integral change agent within some of the most iconic hotels in the world. With more than 25 years of experience in the luxury hospitality sector, her roles have spanned leadership, sales, marketing, and operations. In recent years, Miki’s focus has been on developing and delivering customer acquisition and retention strategies yielding exponential growth. She inherently understands the direct correlation between customer experience and loyalty, retention, and recurring revenue.

In addition to the hotel industry, Miki's experience spans sectors including cybersecurity, technology, law, commercial real estate, travel, and destination spas.

Miki Mitrovich brings global sales and marketing expertise and knowledge in building market strength for hotels, resorts and destinations around the world including the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  She also has an extensive understanding of the complexities of conducting business in key areas around the world: Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America

She has worked with multinational brands including:  Siemens Medical, Nutricia Pharmaceuticals, CBRE Real Estate Group, Tauck Tours, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, IHG, Jumeirah Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Taj Hotel Group, Peninsula Hotel Group, Dorchester Collection and Emaar, to name a few.

Meet our team

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Prof. Ray F. Iunius, PhD

Chief Executive Officer winsedswiss education group


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Radu Szekely

Educational Director and Deputy CEO winsedswiss education group Switzerland


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Christine Schillings

Chief Executive Officer winsedswiss Romania


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Ruxandra Balica

Head of Vocational Education and Training winsedswiss Romania, Trainer ohma


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Adina Mățăuan

Project Manager winsedswiss Romania, Trainer ohma


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Ionuț Platon

Regional Manager Brasov winsedswiss Romania, Trainer ohma


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Uroš Urošević

Chief Executive Officer winsedswiss Serbia


Image for the article named Miki Mitrovich

Miki Mitrovich

Executive Advisor winsedswiss Serbia


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Goran Vulovic

F&B Trainer




Calea Armatei Române 1F
410087 - Oradea, Roman


+40 756 023 928

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