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Frequently Asked Questions

Published by Sébastien Klein
Posted on 29/08/2020

1. How old must I be in order to attend ohma by winsedswiss courses?

At our ohma by winsedswiss educational centres we are waiting for people over 16 years old, interested in obtaining a qualification in the field of hospitality or in any other field of services that places clients and their needs at the centre of the activity.

Students must be at least 16 years old when beginning the courses for the Foundation Module in the VET by EHL program; in addition to the minimum age, another mandatory condition is the completion of compulsory education (10 classes in Romania).

In order to obtain the diploma of post-secondary studies recognised by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, students must have graduated high school, with or without a baccalaureate diploma, by the time they finish their ohma studies.


2. Can I go through the three modules consecutively for 18 months? What diploma will I get in this case?

Yes, you can opt for enrolment for the Diploma program that includes all three modules and you can thus obtain an EHL diploma and a level 5 post-secondary degree.


3. Do I need a baccalaureate if I want to follow the full programme (Professional VET by EHL Diploma)?

The VET by EHL programme can be completed by people who have passed the compulsory education, respectively at least 10th (tenth) grade. In order to obtain the post-secondary diploma issued by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, it is necessary to have completed high school at the end of the courses, but it is not mandatory to have obtained the baccalaureate diploma (high school courses can be completed during ohma by winsedswiss studies).

If you opt for equating the preparatory year at the École hôtelière de Lausanne, you will also need a baccalaureate degree.


4. What is my required level of English?

Oradea Hospitality Management Academy courses will take place in English, therefore it is necessary for our students to have a minimum B2 level. The VET by EHL curriculum also has integrated English language courses, so the learners will be able to develop their skills and will obtain a certificate of competence in English at the end of their studies. Our ohma students will benefit from course materials in English and Romanian.


5. How many hours a day do I have to be at school, and how many days a week?

The schedule of ohma by winsedswiss courses takes place during the day, so it is necessary for the student to be present at school for five days a week. However, for those people employed on the labour market, there will be an individual learning path and an individualised schedule, possibly in collaboration with the employer.


6. Is it possible to work in another city besides Oradea? Will I be offered internships?

Yes, you can do the internship in another city/country, as long as the current situation allows you to travel.

We mention that winsedswiss education group will facilitate internships at national and international level, for ohma’s learners, through its employment agency, winsedswiss talent.


7. Could I enrol in ohma by winsedswiss courses if I am already employed? How many days a week do I have to be at school, in this case?

As we want to support ohma’s learners, we will adapt the study schedule as part of an individual learning path so that you can continue your professional activity.


8. Are scholarships or facilities granted for the financing of study programs?

Banca Transilvania offers credits for studies at preferential rates. However, they are subject to the rules of the National Bank of Romania and thus they bear interest.

For more information on the personalized credit, please use the below contact:

Roxana Criste – Banca Transilvania – Oradea branch

28/E Nufărului Street

Phone: +4074579324


9. Is there accommodation for ohma’s students from another locality? 

Oradea Hospitality Management Academy students benefit from accommodation possibilities inside the school campus within the “Partenie Cosma” Economic College.

Also, students who do not live on campus can opt for full board meals (three meals a day from Monday to Friday) at the existing canteen. Please contact us for detailed information on these facilities.


10. Will the theoretical courses take place online or offline? Is physical attendance at school mandatory?

Theoretical courses take place offline, being accompanied by an online course support. Attendance in the educational unit is mandatory, both during the schooling period for the accumulation of theoretical knowledge and in the application part.

If the restrictions caused by the current context so require, the training programme will take place partly online.

For those employed, an individual learning path will be developed to allow the study of certain theoretical modules online.


11. Can I benefit from the equivalence of the VET by EHL Professional Diploma if I complete the VET by EHL programme at the ohma by winsedswiss educational centres and subsequently intend to study at the École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)?

The VET by EHL diploma can be equivalent to the preparatory year at EHL. Thus, VET by EHL graduates enter the category of those persons who can be exempted from the preparatory year for the Bachelor studies, just like the other students who have a Swiss qualification certificate. However, the candidate will not be automatically admitted, but will have to go through the selection process, like any other candidate with or without a preparatory year.


12. Under what conditions can I be selected as an instructor in the VET by EHL programme?

The selection of trainers is a very rigorous one, based on multiple recommendations and on a careful analysis of the professional performances of potential employees.

Also, in order to be employed as an ohma by winsedswisss instructor, it is necessary to go through a specific pedagogical training programme, organised by the École hoteliere de Lausanne.


Published by Sébastien Klein
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